Jaivifos Inj



Each ml of Jaivifos contains:

Butaphosphan: 100mg

Methylcobalamin: 100mcg

Water for Injection IP q.s.


Dosage and Administration

Jaivifos may be administered Intravenously, Intramuscularly, or Subcutaneously as per the dosage for all animals mentioned below:

Cattle, Horses, and Camel                       10 – 25ml

Sheep and Goat                                            2.5 – 8 ml

Pig                                                                     2.5 – 10ml

Dog                                                                   0.5 – 5ml

Cat                                                                    0.5 – 2.5ml

In poultry dissolve Jaivifos™ in drinking water and give at a dose of .05 – 2.5ml in Layers and Broilers and repeat after 4-5 day.

Dosage for zoo animals depending on body mass or as directed by veterinarian.

In other target animals, the treatment is given daily till recovery or as directed by the veterinarian.


  •  Jaivifos may be used for cattle, horse, sheep, goat, camel, pig, dog, cat, poultry and zoo animals for stimulating metabolism.



30ml and 100ml vial