Fuprost Inj.

Fuprost Inj.

Composition :

Each ml contains

Cloprostenol Sodium IP - 263 mcg

Equivalent to Cloprostenol - 250 mcg

Water for injection IP - q.s.


Dosage and Route of Administration:

Cattle and Buffaloes:

2ml (500 mcg ) by Intramuscular Injection


A single Intramuscular injection of 0.5 ml to 1ml for animal’s upto 400Kkg body weight.

1 ml to 2 ml Intramuscular injection for horses weighing 400 Kg and over.



  • Treatment of reproductive disorders like sub-oestrus, anoestrous due to ovarian luteal cyst, chronic Endometritis, Pyometra, termination of abnormal pregnancy, & synchronisation of oestrus.


2 ml vial with disposable syringe & needle.

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